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One of the most important skills in sports is often overlooked.

Skill - Being able to raise your own game is great, but being able to raise your teammates' game is a greater skill every team needs.

Work - Commitment followed by work is what bridges the gap between dreams and reality!

Inspiration - Max Strus, starting guard for the Miami Heat, went undrafted. He worked his way through the summer league in 2019 with the Boston Celtics. and earned a two-way contract. Later, he was waived by the Celtics, and the Miami Heat gave him an opportunity in 2020. Fast forward to this year's past NBA playoffs, and Strus played a major role for the Miami Heat in their playoff push. There will be bumps in your journey, but there will also be success. Only you can decide how you respond to adversity!

Shots - View the diagram below for the shooting series of the week.

Habits - Your talent won't decide where you'll end up. It'll be your habits and choices. Make sure they're positive ones!

Shooting series of the week;

Closing thoughts: what's one skill you can add to your craft that will help increase your productivity in the next six months?

Until next time,

Bryan Burrell


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