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6 Ways to Make an Impact Without Scoring

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

1. Locking in defensively

- Coaches on all levels will always need players that take pride in playing defense. Whether you’re 4’11 or 6’11, you have the ability to make defensive plays that will help your team get stops. Great team defenders are committed to sitting in a stance, and containing the basketball. Block shots and steals are great, but not necessary when being considered a great defender. Knowing your teams defensive schemes, and being a reliable help side defender can be the difference in your team being able to get multiple stops with you on the floor or not. Once you commit to being great on the defensive end, it’ll not only help your team defensively but it will also lead to easy scoring opportunities for you and your team.

2. Rebounding on both ends

- In a tight game, getting a defensive rebound or an offensive rebound can be the difference between winning and losing. One skill that will always be transferrable amongst all levels is the ability to rebound. Whether you’re a guard or post player, you have the ability to help your team gain extra possessions by simply being committed to boxing out each possession. Looking for a way to get going offensively? Compete for offensive boards and get second chance points. It’s a great way to shift the momentum towards your team, and boost your confidence on the offensive end.

3. Making the extra pass

- The first inclination of most young players, when you’re struggling offensively is to take the first available shot whether it’s contested or not. The best way to continue help your team on the offensive end is to turn down good shots for great shots. Not only will it lead to more efficient offense, but also it’ll keep the ball swinging on offense and in return will allow you to receive a higher percentage shot within your team’s offense.

4. Win 50/50 balls

- A great way to keep or change the momentum for your team is diving on the floor for a loose ball and gaining an extra possession! Coaches love players that play with toughness and aren’t afraid to do the dirty work. Every team throughout the country will have a leader scorer on their team, but every team won’t have players that unselfishly do the little things each night to help their team land in the winning circle.

5. Take a charge

- Taking a charge is another basketball play that will help your team shift the momentum. Taking a charge will not only draw a foul for the opposing team, but it’ll also make the other team think twice about attacking the paint in fear of picking up another offensive foul.

6. Be vocal

- Every team needs a vocal leader. In most youth sports, being vocal around your teammates doesn’t come natural and it’s uncomfortable. It all starts with making it a habit in practice, and it’ll become easier with more repetition. Being vocal and detailed will help your team not only be in sync on the defensive end but also on the offensive end!


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