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How To Maximize Your Workouts

Skill - It doesn't take skill to be a great teammate! You should never have an off-day encouraging others!

Work - Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's a result of days, weeks, and years of constant work on your craft!

Inspiration - I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and coach players from all different levels. Players that range from competing in youth recreational leagues to players that currently play in the NBA.

One thing that I've noticed regardless of age is that the players looking to improve have made sure that they've "invested" time into the workouts and the ones that didn't get better only "wasted" time at workouts. You always have a choice to start workouts!

Time Invested

Ask questions. Compete. Give effort. Make mistakes and learn from them! vs.

Time Wasted

Coast through drills. Eyes elsewhere through instruction. Worked with no purpose!

Shots - View the diagram below for the shooting series of the week.

Habits - Small, consistent steps can help you achieve anything. Believe in yourself!

Shooting series of the week;

Closing thoughts: Six months from now, what you will you wish you had spent time on today?

Until next time,

Bryan Burrell


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