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Why Setting Goals is Key

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Setting Goals

During this pandemic, time seems to have shifted through many different time periods all in one year. It's easy to let time slip away while trying to navigate your new normal.

Goal setting is typically necessary to achieve anything worthwhile; however, I believe it's even more important now with so much time on our hands.

Little Goals, Big Progress

As a student-athlete, coach, or anyone currently involved in sports, it's easy to get side-tracked with so many unknowns.

On the positive side, there is also an enormous opportunity for growth. Set small goals.

Have you always wanted to tweak your shooting form? Looking to get a little faster or stronger?

The time is now. Write down your goals. Create a plan. Track your progress, and keep creating new smaller goals until you're seeing great results!

Goal setting is important because it gives you long-term vision boosted by short-term steps. It focuses your time and energy on making sure you're achieving tasks you need in order to maximize your potential!


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